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SciFi Infantry Tokens

$ 13.99 $ 15.99

Tokens Only --- Cubes must be added separately!

Includes 80 high quality lasercut acrylic tokens in the quantities pictured - click on the second picture to see the full quantity!

These tokens are designed to be compatible with the most popular SciFi tabletop wargame to denote statuses of units and monsters, such as "Falling Back" and "Grounded". Also check out our SciFi Vehicle Damage and SciFi Mysterious Objectives tokens!

Note: In some of the pictures "Pinned" is shown, but this was replaced with more of the other token designs since "Pinned" is the same as "Gone to Ground" in the current ruleset.

Buy any 4 products (such as 2 sets of tokens and 2 sets of cubes) and get free shipping in the US!

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