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Custom Token Sets

We are excited to announce that we can finally offer custom token sets! A huge thanks to Jon New of Talisman Island for testing out this service and helping us with the process. You can see his writeup of his experience, and the custom set he had created, here:

We have since streamlined the process to the 5 steps below!

How to Create a Custom ModCube Token Set

1. Download and install Inkscape, a free vector graphic software, by clicking on the image of your operating system here:

2. Download the following file (a simple grid) and open it in Inkscape:

3. Download a piece of vector art from this fantastic free website below! To do so, click on any image on the site and then click the "SVG" button to download a .svg (vector graphic) file:

(If you're not sure which to choose, we recommend starting with the Shuriken to test the process)

4. Open the vector art you've downloaded in Inkscape, and copy it into a space in your grid! We have sized this grid so that the default settings for the vector art on should fit perfectly. Below is a screenshot of a grid with a single Shuriken in place:

5. Fill the rest of the grid with art from! You can also use your own art. Note you can zoom in and out by holding the Ctrl key and using your mouse wheel - very useful for lining up art. When you're done, save the file as a PDF (using the default settings) and email the PDF to our address below:

We'll reply back confirming that we've received the file, and then you can place an order at the page below and we'll get it cut and in the mail within one week!