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About 3DG and the ModCube

The best summary of the ModCube is this one minute video, check it out!

The ModCube is a gaming aid which allows you to keep 6 common gaming tokens (of your choice!) on a single cube, and quickly rotate between these tokens while playing, drastically simplifying the process of keeping track of statuses and effects in the middle of games. Token designs are made to be compatible with the most popular wargames on the market, with more sets to come in the future! ModCubes can also be used as objective markers, or custom dice for testing out new game concepts.

The inventor of the ModCube and founder of 3DG is Steve Garber, a mechanical engineer and long-time tabletop gamer. Never having enough time to game himself, Steve has been working on creating gaming aids to make time spent gaming less about book-keeping, and more about having fun with friends!

Check out our completed Kickstarter project page to see the journey of creating the ModCube, and also this quick video showing how to put together and take apart the ModCube, it makes it easy!

If you have any questions about 3DG or the ModCube, don't hesitate to email us at: